No Fun

by Forests

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released January 6, 2014

Forests is:
Guo (Bass/Guitars/Vocals)
Jon (Guitars/Organs/Vocals)
ZL (Drums/Guitars/Vocals)

All songs by Forests, with the following exceptions:

"They're Calling You"
Animal Huang (Saxophone)

"I Don't Mind"
Reider Larsen, Riles Bilgo, Jon Du, Zun Long (Beardless Boy Choir)

Recorded at Soundkiss Studios by Alexander John Ives
Mixed by Jon Du/Alexander John Ives
Mastered by Alexander John Ives/Forests at Soundkiss Studios

Artwork/Design by Sorry Mama



all rights reserved


Forests 台北市, Taiwan


Jon (Synthesizers/Drums/SINGING)

Zun Long (Drums/Electronics)

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Track Name: Death Mask
Into the shrine, you think that its all yours
You swine
Losing your time for nothing but the chore

Insurgent whines to echo on the shore
In Central Ithaca
Like Scylla minds, they seem to suck you whole

Walking your planks, you sturdy fit your roles
In line
Give them the sign
"Onward, Laddies!"
Track Name: Pleasure Science
He didn't like your spindly cultures
Spilling out through the sides
He didn't let you know you're feeling lower
He didn't want you to hide

He's a vicar
Manic wisher
Fever trashing his finds
But in his fortress there's a looker
Judge your legion this time
Track Name: Dog Gone Flies
In a sense they couldn't love the way you say "Aye"
The stupid black cat sitting there waving you goodbye

It's just a friend
In the end
You couldn't stand behind

There's so much sugar now, make them all brawn
Sexy girl bitches all make them go on

They did no wrong
Mythical, you stand your ground
Grab your horns
Well, it's not over
You'll have your way

You said you'd go
Don't tell me why
Track Name: Woo Woo Woo
Take it off
Track Name: They're Calling You
In your seeds, a dictator
Swarming in through the vultures
And my canon slayed naked
It's a sham, you can take it

They're calling you

And you're proud of your chosen
But you've only your chosen
While we pacify all

They're calling you
Track Name: Ego Bender
It's a make believe literature
It's a pseudo lie
It's a sleek feel tweaker
Made you say how wry you roll
Your sitcom refined
You're moving minds
With a sicky sneak attitude
You're high

Now, come out from your hole
Yeah, you're coming up and seeing the light
C'mon, forget what you wore
That's it

You're mine to hold

It's your make believe literature
Your golden wine
After a sung tong lit night
I'll call you mine

It makes you look bad
You think it makes you look bad
Well, don't worry about it
You'll see
Oh well, you'll see
Well, you know you're mine to hold
Track Name: Lovey
What'd you say? Walk around in a line?
(You sing a love song, you sing a love song now)
Hanging all around, they're sailing down
(You take a let down, clean up and let it down)
Creepin' on all fours, heads held high
(You hate a love song, you hate a love song now)
Their mouths are moving dust, but there's not a sound
(You take a let down, you take a let down)

Can't be but the same
Claiming but your name
Track Name: Beard War
Their seeds latch on
Like some gene archaic creature
Their writhes forgone
Like some drunken kind of teacher

Please sever your ties
You want a beard revolution
A twin pronged reprise
In a warped resurrection

Track Name: Trippin' Oaks
You come, bro, right at me
It's not just curiosity
Oaks dripping from the tree
Won't you come with me?

Potential alibis
Recall your lullaby
Excreting your soma dream
Won't you lie with me?
Track Name: Ju Want It
Wading in our soles
Marching towards the night
Making one more joke
To waive our goodbye

Last chance, don't you want it
Let go of my soul
Last chance, don't you want it

Pretend that it's not fine
We've got nothing to show
Just making one more joke in order to safely waive our goodbye

Wading in our soles
Marching towards the night
Making one more joke in order to safely waive our goodbye

Wading in our soles
Marching towards the night
Just making one more joke in order to safely know you want to
Track Name: What'd You Say
And my soul gone with ya
Eating the rest, you've got it made
You wouldn't suck it down, would ya?
It's seen its much better days

You said wrong, did ya?
Immortal hawks seed my plain
You couldn't cede control, could ya?
Shed the sorrow, not the name

What'd you say
Track Name: I Don't Mind
I don't mind your nervous design
If you wanna be only friends this time
You're looking mighty fine
You're looking mighty fine
I said something I couldn't leave behind
I'd rather be there with you by my beside
Oh, I don't mind